It's the ULTIMATE non-stop music mix that you’ve been looking for!

"The Reckless Mix" is a seamless blend of all of today's hottest hits across a variety of your favourite genres ranging from Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Ugandan and music from across the African Continent.


Several of your favourite old-school classics will find their way into the mix too!

Send a message through the Reckless Radio smartphone app to request for a song!


Count down the hottest 10 songs of the day, everyday, on The Reckless Top 10. Monday to Thursday, 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

YOU will be the one to decide which song makes it into the chart!

Nominate your current favourite song by going to the Menu on this application and send us a message

By participating in the nomination process, you stand to win goodies, prizes and many freebies!


The day might be over, but the music never stops.

Nightstream is your ULTIMATE late night programme.

Nothing but excellent music to help you forget about your long, stressful, day.


Enjoy relaxing music, send messages and dedications to the most important people in your life.


Monday to Thursday, 8.00PM to 12.00AM.


On Reckless Radio. 


Music never sounded hotter!

Enjoy exciting high-octane non-stop Electronic Dance Music for an hour every Friday evening on H.E.L.I.U.M.

As a way to get you warmed up for the ultimate party show The Cyclone, we're turning up the heat early!

Can you handle it?

Make sure you don't miss H.E.L.I.U.M. on Reckless Radio. Fridays, 7.00pm tp 8.00pm.


It's time to get the party started.

Your night just got.. LIT!

Can you feel the thunder...


Can you feel the BEAT?

The Ultimate Reckless Dance Party.. right here, on The CYCLONE.


Every Friday and Saturday nights.


The best music, from what many people consider to be the last great era of music. Everything was way more awesome in the 90s!


Absolute 90s is a showcase of the music that defined our youth.


Tune in every Saturday afternoon to listen to the hits that made you fall in love with music; listen to the songs that made you believe in romance. They don’t make music like that anymore!


Let’s walk down memory lane together, on Absolute 90s. Saturdays, 3.00pm to 6.00pm.


Hip Hop is LIFE.

Don't miss this 2 hour extravaganza of Hip Hop music.

From the classics that defined the genre, to the latest bangers that are setting the clubs on fire today, make sure to listen to HIP HOP EXTREME.

Every Saturday evening, from 6.00PM to 8.00PM.

Only on Reckless Radio.

sunday cool relax

It's the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

Chilling on a Sunday never felt nicer!

Whether you're home alone, together with a loved one, or on the road enjoying a pleasant drive, enjoy relaxing music on Sunday Cool Relax to help you recharge your batteries.

Enter the coming week feeling well rested and rejuvenated.

Only on Sunday Cool Relax, Sundays, 3.00pm to 7.00pm.

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